Ultrasound diagnosis (ultrasonography)

  • No prior appointment required
  • Preparation is useful in some cases
    Ultrasonography of the lower abdomen, if possible with a full bladder
    Ultrasonography of the upper abdomen, if possible after fasting for 4 hours
  • The report is handed over immediately

General information

Ultrasound devices do not function with radiation, but with sound waves. The waves consist of more than 20,000 vibrations per second and are therefore beyond the human auditory threshold.

An odorless transparent gel is used to transfer the signal to the region being investigated. You will be given a paper towel to wipe off the gel. The investigation itself is brief and painless.

Nearly all soft organs of the body can be visualized by ultrasound, such as the thyroid, the kidneys, etc. Ultrasound is also used to look for metastases and for diagnostic investigation of tumors.

Spectrum of services with ultrasonography

  • Ultrasonography of vessels (neck, legs, etc.)
  • Ultrasonography of the breast
  • Ultrasonography of the lower abdomen (bladder, uterus, ovaries, etc.)
  • Ultrasonography of the upper abdomen (liver, kidneys, etc.)
  • Ultrasonography of soft tissues (lymph nodes, thyroid, etc.)