The barrier-free medical office

Our medical office is located in the 20th district of Vienna, opposite to Lorenz Böhler Traumatology Hospital, in Pasettistrassee 71-75.


General information:

A parking site for the ambulance and an alighting zone for disabled persons are available in front of the medical office.

A garage is available in the immediate vicinity of the medical office (to be entered from Leystrasse/Merkur supermarket)

A parking permit is required in the 20th district of Vienna from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (vehicles parking temporarily must use a parking ticket)

A lift is available from the subway line U6 (stop: Dresdnerstrasse, exit: Pasettistrasse)

A lift is available from the S-Bahn stop Traisengasse


Ground-level (no stairs or steps) entrance hall leading to the medical office

The clear width of the entrance door is 120 cm

A bell is provided at the entrance

Automatic door-opener (note: the door opens to the outside)

The reception desk is lowered to 85 cm

A barrier-free disabled toilet is available

Changing rooms: the door is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair

Depending on the type of investigation, patients are assisted in changing their clothes

The stretchers used in X-ray devices can be lowered

A separate chair is available in the waiting area for persons with limited mobility

A separate wheelchair is available for persons with severely limited mobility

Further information is available at

We try to avoid long waiting times

We offer all types of help

Family members may accompany patients with severe cognitive limitations


Visually impaired and blind patients:

Assistance is available for entering the medical office and at the registration counter

Seeing-eye dogs may accompany persons to the registration and waiting area of the medical office.

Patients are called clearly and comprehensibly

Patients are picked up in the waiting area

Assistance is available when going to the changing rooms and the examination rooms

Reports are brought to the patient

Patients are accompanied to the street


Persons hard of hearing and deaf patients

May register by fax  (01-350 26 26 /99) or email (

The entrance door can be opened by operating a push button

Patients are picked up personally for the investigation

The patient may bring a sign language interpreter

Video information is available in the waiting room

Assistance of all types is available


We look forward to your visit and will do our best to attend to your needs.