Digital mammography

We have been decorated as the first radiology office in Vienna with „quality-certified diagnostic investigation of the breast“ by ÖRG (Austrian Radiological Society) and BURA (Federal Working Group of Radiology of the Austrian Medical Chamber).

The quality certificate is re-issued at regular intervals and serves as a warranty of outstanding technical quality and best possible training of medical personnel in the field of mammography.

  • Reduction of the radiation dose by as much as 60 % by the use of microdose mammography
  • Double reporting by two mutually independent diagnosticians (radiologists)
  • Use of CAD CAD (computer-assisted diagnosis) – a special supporting computer program to identify pathological changes.

We bear the designation of a Microdose Center
from August 2010 onward.

In other words, we offer investigations with a maximum dose-saving fully digital mammography device.
The radiation dose is about the same as the natural radiation dose any person is exposed to over a period of three months.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. Therefore, it is very important to undergo a mammography, which is an investigation for early detection of breast cancer