Computed tomography (CT)

CT for all health insurance companies

  • Prior appointment: required
  • Report: is handed out the second business day after the investigation from 8 a.m. onward
  • Contrast medium: in part
  • NEW: Since June 1, 2017 referrals for MRI and CT examinations signed by BVA medical doctors  don`t need authorisations from BVA chief medical doctors.

    Referrals for MRI and CT examinations signed by medical doctors with contracts from  all other health insurance providers (e.g. WGKK, NÖGKK, SVA, KFA, SVA, VA) need chief medical doctor`s authorisation prior to the examination.

    This applies also for all MRI and CT referrals for medical doctors without any contracts (Wahlarzt) with the above mentioned insurance companies.

Dear Patient,

We are glad to be able to offer the most recent computed tomography device in Austria.

With the 128-slice CT device, the effective radiation dose can be reduced to a minimum and also adjusted individually (dose modulation).

The 128-slice volume CT device produces high-resolution images in a few seconds. In addition to investigations of the head, the trunk (neck, chest or rib cage, abdomen) and the extremities, the following special investigations can be performed:

NEW: From now on referral Information for MRI and CT Doctor´s of all health insurance companies (Vienna, Lower Austria, …) don´t need chief medical authorisation.

Referrals of all other insurance providers (BVA, SVA, KFA, VA) and referrals of all choice physician doctor´s must still be confirmed by chief physicians of the insurance company.